Sonic Explorations launches today

So after:

  • 20 rehearsals at 4 different locations
  • 7 hours on the phone to couriers trying to get a contra alto flute from Holland to the office
  • 1 case of almost swine flu for our concerts administrator
  • 1 Chilean and 1 Brazilian composer to meet and greet with 8 more still to arrive
  • 6 workshops for our KX Collective each involving at least 10 laptops
  • 10 pages of schedules collated
  • 8 surround sound channels
  • 17 instrumentalists and 2 sound engineers
  • And infinite amounts of chocolate fingers, cakes, and grapes (we try to be healthy) to keep everyone going

Sonic Explorations, our 3 day festival of electroacoustic music at Kings Place is finally here featuring 4 world premieres, 5 Uk premieres and 1 London premiere.

Keep an eye out for (we hope) a few blogs over the next few days giving you an inside view into the festival.

For more information about the concerts themselves go to our: Sonic Explorations page on the website.

Roz Surtees

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