KX Collective Sound Stations

The KX Collective made its debut at Sonic Explorations with a concert at 4.30pm on Saturday. A group of 8 (we were one-down due to swine flu) young people from the local King’s Cross area performed brand new electroacoustic music that they themselves had created.

The group worked with Duncan Chapman (composer, sound artist and general lover of all things technie that make unusual sounds) and LS players over 4 weeks to bring this music together. Three pieces featured:

g-longated depths;  compose <play>;  samples and chaos.

Vocals, instrumentals, electronics, laptops contributed to a one-off sound-world created by the group, including some more unusual instruments – monome, waterphone, organ pipe, cracklebox, twitching speaker and wine glasses!

Laptop screens and a set of instructions for the professional players (appearing as code) were projected onto the gorgeously massive Hall 2 screen, showing our audience the visual construct of compose <play> a piece generated by drawing, following a sequence devised by the group.

This concert was just the beginning for the KX Collective so watch this space!

Amy Majumdar, Participation and Learning Manager

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