London Sinfonietta at Adelaide Festival-Part 1

The ensemble are currently on tour in Australia performing 2 nights at the prestigious Adelaide Festival. Here’s an update and some pictures on the first few days from Andrew Burke, our Chief Executive:

So, we are here at last – at the Adelaide Festival.  Coming to Australia seemed such an extraordinary proposition in the planning.  Such an exciting idea – and such a long way to travel! 

Everyone enjoyed (and needed) the rest day yesterday. The jet lag hits you like nothing I’ve experienced before.  You think you are fine, and then mid afternoon your body just shuts down and you have no absolutely no choice but to sleep.  Apart from learning about that side of coming to Australia, I can also report that the water really does drain clockwise down the plughole.  It’s true!

I’m writing this on Thursday 25 Feb, and I’m sitting now in the first rehearsal in Adelaide Town Hall.  Improvising trumpeter Scott Tinkler is playing through with us the new work by John Rodgers for the second concert which happens on Sunday.  We are all blown away by Scott’s playing – he makes an extraordinary sound on the instrument, bending notes, singing and growling down the trumpet. A crazy range too – notes off the scale.  Virtuosic stuff.  And not a note of music in sight.

There are giant inflatable space men and women all over town (some of them climbing up the side of buildings) advertising the Fringe Festival which is already underway.  The town is winding up to the weekend when the main festival will start.  We’re looking forward to the opening night party on Friday and the fireworks, which are meant to be very special.

We are all very endebted to Paul Grabowsky and the great team at the Adelaide Festival for inviting us out here, with the help of the British Council Australia.  More news soon as this fantastic trip for the London Sinfonietta unfolds….





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