Vexations Marathon- Saturday 1 May- Part 2

Group 2 9:00-12:00

Peter Jackson, Karla Chaloupka, Adam Johnson, Diego García Rodríguez

 9.20 Funny you should say that about counting. Something about the music seems to disable methodical thought. Fascinating hearing how different players approach it entirely differently.

Only way I could keep count was by half ticks /, then full ticks √

9.30 Audience: 1

9.31 It’s very interesting how we have become a team of 4. An hour ago we had never met, and now we are completely focused on a joint effort.

9.35 A feature of the piece is how very ‘in the middle’ it is. Bottom note F below middle C. Top note A. A sort of mezzo soprano range.

29 half tones, and only one not played.

How must G#/A flat feel for the whole 18hours?

c.10:30 Variation 210- ¼ o0f the way

10.50 In first four cycles the tempo was hard to keep, we are too fast, but after a bit you get into a groove.

Audience has swelled to 7.

11.05 Audience has swelled to 11-double figures

11.20 It is extraordinary how, after a while, something as daft as this seems a perfectly normal thing to be doing


11.25 Finished my part some minutes ago. It never got boring and I wouldn’t mind to go on. No Vexations, listening becomes like a dream, yes every single move is noted. Interesting experience. Glad I could join. Thank you


11.35 Starting out I liked the 1st variation best, but now I’m not sure the 2nd isn’t deeper

11.37 I kept singing “1,1,1,1,1…” in the bass line + “2,2,2,2…”- otherwise I was LOST!

Phrases and dynamic variations are the key!


11.50 GREAT EXPERIENCE! Thank you very much London Sinfonietta, paraphrasing Ms. Satie: Je me retine!!


12.00 1/3 way through. What a pleasure to have carried the tune a small part of its journey

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