Vexations Marathon-Saturday 1 May- Part 3

Group 3 13:00-15:00

Fiona Harvey, Yoon Chung, Amanda Heish, Gabriela Georgieva, Alice Pinto

Worried about doing the same harmonisation twice in a row! Most of the audience currently have their eyes closed though so not sure anyone would mind…


12.00- The most different performance ever. Thank you very much for the adventure.


Cocoon like set up is rather therapeutic and comforting. I wan to be in my PJs


1.30-Initial apprehensions left as the music took over; ‘ambience in the room is encouraging, therapeutic and quite comforting.


V.363 I feel like the music is a ‘heartbeat’- it has been going on inside for ever…Quite possessive about it and reluctant to pass it on.It means a different thing every time: your heartbeat goes on yet you can be angry, sad, etc…The time playing feels about half that of the counting! I was so wrapped up playing I would have forgotten to count had the sheet and pen not been thrust at me! Glad I don’t have to count again!


All done (for me, at least). Just counted for Gabi, whose playing was arrestingly beautiful. Now, time for lunch!Audience: 12 highest number yet?


3.00pm? It’s only very rarely that one feels such timelessness, so with much gratitude to Papa Satie.


What an amazing experience and thank you London Sinfonietta for inviting us to take part in a unique performance. Alice, I loved your different interpretations- it made counting so so much quicker, thank you!


3.00pm The second time IS more tough! I don’t doubt this line (melody) will continue well past midnight, into eternity…?

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