Vexations Marathon- Saturday 1 May- Part 5

Group 5 18:00-21:00

Hannah Gill, Laonikos, Christine Stevenson, Temirzhan Yerzhanov, Anna Serra

Interesting to have to get to know the piano ‘en route’ before exploring its sonorities etc… Breaks between shifts means we can wander into the foyer to the amazing 6 marimbas. What a perfect venue for such events- audience on all levels and travelling on escalators as the sound wafts through the building.


I didn’t believe this music could put a performer in a state of meditation as it proved. Whether it is a joke or serious matter, Vexations makes a lot happening on your mind while playing. Interesting experience!


Great Experience! Thanks for the chance to take part on this project. It was a challenge for keeping the concentration.

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