Writing the Future: The Final Countdown

Next week sees our Writing the Future composers meet with London Sinfonietta Principal Players in their final workshop as part of the scheme.  Michael Duffy, who has been following the composers’ progress throughout the scheme, gives us a taste of what’s to come…

I last saw the Writing the Future composers in early August with, what were then, preliminary sketches and drafts of what are shaping up to be four fantastic quintets to be performed by some of the London Sinfonietta’s forces as part of our Pavilions: New Music Show 2 on 5 November.  Shiva Feshareki, Edmund Finnis, Tim Hodgkinson and Isambard Khroustaliov were asked to continue on the programme following the performance of their solo works at our Pavilions concert in May this year, where they were amazingly well received. Now, the composers are refining new ensemble works for flute, clarinet, horn, violin and cello (with a few familial deviations here and there!).

Tim Hodgkinson works with London Sinfonietta principal Michael Thompson

Next week they’ll be meeting the players again to workshop near-complete versions of these works. As always with these four composers I’m excited to hear how their work has developed and to listen in on the insight the players receive about what’s going on ‘behind the notes’. It’s also great to hear the feedback on the music from the players as well!

I’ll be posting again after we’ve had the workshops to give a further update on these new pieces, but in the meantime, check out some of the Music Streams on the London Sinfonietta website for solo works from Tim, Edmund and Shiva. And don’t forget to book for the world premieres of these works at Pavilions: New Music Show 2 on Saturday 5 November at the Southbank Centre!

Michael Duffy

Assistant Producer, Creative Projects

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