Through the Lens

This season, four photographers from the London College of Communication will work with us and photographer Briony Campbell to document the life of the London Sinfonietta in rehearsal, performance and backstage.

The photographers

Abdi Ibrahim

Abdi Ibrahim

My name is Abdi Ibrahim and I come from Somalia which is located in the Horn of Africa. I have been living in London for more than 13 years and I actually do enjoy the rainy days, they have always helped me to fall asleep! Ever since I was a little kid, I have enjoyed looking at pictures of people in newspapers and magazines, so one day I decided to buy a camera and the rest is history! My dream is to work for Al-Jazeera and inform the rest of the world about important issues.

Claudia Vye

Claudia Vye

My name is Claudia Vye, I am a 3rd year photojournalism student at The London College of Communication. Over the past three years I have been exploring visual arts, performance, and social and environmental issues through the medium of photography, with an emphasis on documenting the relationships between people and their environment. Photography for me is about engaging with the world, understanding different communities and cultures and aiming to portray individuals with respect and consideration. I am absorbed by movement and colour and practice both abstract and conventional techniques to create imagery, which I am constantly developing into my own individual style.

Hildegard Titus

Hildegard Titus

Hildegard Titus was born in Namibia in 1991. Having lived in Namibia, Cuba and the United States, Hildegard has always had a passion for travelling, learning about different cultures and meeting different people. She is currently studying Photojournalism at the London College of Communication and  plans to start freelancing after she finishes university and creating documentaries in Namibia and southern Africa, as well as getting involved in local projects. With a wide range of interests from debating club, photography, to playing volleyball, she finds that the world around her is a fascinating place, and has used her camera as both her tool and her window for connecting and learning from it.

Maja Smiejkowska

Maja Smiejkowska

Maja Smiejkowska is 3rd year Photojournalism student at University of the Arts London. She was born and raised in Gdynia, Poland. Before relocating to London she lived in Athens, Greece. Maja started taking photographs when she was a teenager, taking pictures of a local contemporary dance theatre based in Gdansk ‘Dada von Bzdulow’. Her favorite genre of photography is fashion related taken in a documentary style. She is working on a number of projects at the moment, which will be completed before her graduation in July 2014.

The first photographers’ project was to document our Stockhausen: Gruppen rehearsal at the Royal Festival Hall on Sunday 6 October. Here’s a selection of their photographs.

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