Haas: in vain – The Reviews

“The Sinfonietta, under the great Emilio Pomàrico…  played with an intensity and conviction scarcely less astonishing than the music itself.”
The Guardian ****

“The players of the London Sinfonietta under Emilio Pomàrico can only be commended in the highest terms — their memorising of so many notes and cues was a tour de force.”
The Evening Standard ****

“…the marvellously committed London Sinfonietta, clearly completely on top of the work following a first performance at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival last month, and just as clearly enjoying themselves.”
Bachtrack ****

“…the Sinfonietta’s performance under Emilio Pomàrico was a virtuoso feat, delivered with unflinching concentration and finesse.”
Financial Times ***

“The Sinfonietta are to be congratulated for their excellent form and dedication to the score… The ensemble created a rare cohesion between the soloistic demands of the individual parts and broader organic textures meant to blend and cross-fade resonances of the instruments.”
I Care If You Listen

“The performance seemed exemplary in every respect… Emilio Pomàrico… a characterful though reassuring presence throughout a piece that… is a testing challenge to which the London Sinfonietta was more than equal.”
Classical Source


#invain? NOT in vain!! GFHaas’s dark/light light/dark microtones still shimmering thanks to @Ldn_Sinfonietta. On Hear and Now @BBCRadio3 soon!

#InVain. Just wow. If you’re in London on 6 Dec just go. @Ldn_Sinfonietta

@Ldn_Sinfonietta performance of ‘in vain’ absolutely extraordinary. Both the piece and the commitment from the ensemble.

Haas’, ‘In Vain’, quite poignantly, cannot be described in 140 characters. Definitely one to see before you die. Thank you @Ldn_Sinfonietta

georg haas “in vain” performed by @Ldn_Sinfonietta absolutely incendiary: whirlwinds of sound, part performed in pitch blackness

‘Haas: in vain’ and the @Ldn_Sinfonietta: like nothing I’ve heard before. Jumped out of my skin when that gong was struck in the dark.

Bravo indeed! What an incredible reaction tonight to Haas’ piece in vain! A memory I’ll treasure @Ldn_Sinfonietta

@Ldn_Sinfonietta Amazing and moving piece tonight, it was definitely worth our 6 hour train journey! Haas #invain

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