Meet Emily Hall

 © Kate Benjamin

© Kate Benjamin

On Saturday 7 June, we are performing the world premiere of Insert Words Here by Emily Hall as part of Assemble at Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Members of the public will join the London Sinfonietta on stage to perform Emily’s new work as well as legendary minimalist piece Les Moutons de Panurge by experimental composer Frederic Rzewski.

Emily’s new work requires participation from you! We will be asking you to contribute to the text of the piece by submitting a special kind of square poem… details to be announced on Monday 2 June. Keep an eye on our Twitter page for more information.

In the mean time, we asked Emily a few questions in the lead up to the world premiere of her new work.

How did you get into composing as a career?

I think the combination of knowing music moved me most of all, and of never being good enough as a player and always wanting to scrap the rules in any creative scenario and make things my own way.

Who would you cite as your main influences?

This changes all the time but three I consistently refer back to, for different reasons, are Janáček, Björk and Bartók … my current musical crushes include Ellen Fullman, Owen Pallet and David Lang.

Where does your interest in square poems stem from?

I was looking for a way to structure the lyrics and I was drawn to its implicit repetitiveness and also the musical implications of their structure. They are also fun to do and can be any size.

Without giving too much away, can you say a bit about the participatory nature of the event and your piece?

Insert Words Here requires an element of assembly. A bit like flat-pack furniture, you have to do a little work to create a text which will fit with my music. For this world premiere, we are doing a big shout out on Twitter to assemble the words the week leading up to the performance. The performers have been rehearsing with different lyrics every week to get in the right head-space to learn the words quickly.

What can the audience expect from the piece when they hear it live?

Hopefully 3 songs of Emily Hall with a slightly quirky word-setting of who-knows-which words…

Click here for more information and to book tickets for Assemble.

2 thoughts on “Meet Emily Hall

  1. Ella Ross says:

    Fantastic Piece of writing

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