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This Saturday 7 June, the London Sinfonietta collaborates with the public for Assemble at Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall. Workshops and rehearsals have been held throughout May and now amateur, student and professional musicians will take to the stage to perform the world premiere of London Sinfonietta commission Insert Words Here by Emily Hall, alongside Louis Andriessen’s Workers Union and Frederic Rzewksi’s Les Moutons de Panurge.

Now we want you to assemble the text for Emily Hall’s new work by submitting a 3×3 line square poem!

There are only 3 rules: 

1.  It must be a 3×3 line square poem *

* A square poem has the same number of words in each line and reads the same vertically and horizontally. Here is an example:

To                gather            for

Gather        when             old

For               old                 times

2. The poems must be made of only one and two syllable words

3. The first line of the poem (first 3 words) must only use words from the following definition of assemble. The rest of the words are up to you!


(Of people) gather together in one place for a common purpose

Cause (people or things) to gather together for a common purpose

Entomology (Of male moths) gather for mating in response to a pheromone released by a female.

Fit together the separate component parts of (a machine or other object)

Computing Translate (a program) from a symbolic language into machine code

Here’s another example for inspiration…

Fit             parts         of

Parts         of               jigsaw

Of              jigsaw      lives

Tweet us @Ldn_Sinfonietta with your 3-line square poems here. A selection of poems will be chosen on Thursday to form the text for Emily’s piece, and will be performed on stage at Assemble on Saturday 7 June!

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