Insert Words Here: Your tweets

We asked you to help assemble the words for Emily Hall‘s new work Insert Words Here by submitting a 3×3 line square poem on Twitter! The response was fantastic, thanks to everyone who took part. Join us for  the performance of  Emily’s new work at Assemble on Saturday 7 June 5pm

Here’s the full set of submissions:

N London Symph Orch @the_NLSO
Together come and
Come make music
And music love

Christopher Mayo @CJSMayo
Moths mating for
Mating makes many
For many flames

Ranjit Bhatnagar @ranjit
One place for
Place for common
For common purpose

Robert Allan @fadetobob
People or machine
or society is
Machine is people

Meraud Hand @Meraud_Hand
The parts meet
Parts join into
Meet into one.

Kate Benjamin @cardigankate
Translate a language
a meaning in
Language in common

Kate Benjamin @cardigankate
Gather in response
In time touching
Response touching lives

Kate Benjamin @cardigankate
A separate place
Separate life of
Place of rest

Thomas Porter @BassoonPorter
In  one place
One purpose common
Place common parts

Jonas Viggo Pedersen @MaestroJVP
Symbolic language into
Language of machine
Into machine code

Jonathan Mui @MuiJonathan
Purpose of language
Of language refined
Language refined purpose

Philip Lawton @Lawtonesque
Three line poems
Line up Twitter
Poems Twitter away

Dorty Letters of @JamesJoy_ce
Toss out of
Open window onto
Unfortunate passing hermit

Ronnie MacNiven @acoustic tourist
Released mating response
Mating into a
Response a climax

Stephanie Wessell @StephWessell
Moths translate language 
Translate transient love 
Language love lived

Elizabeth Davies @ElizabethRD123
Gather machine parts
Machine to build
Parts build whole

Tom Jackson @tomjacksonblows
Mating machine code
Machine gathers spirit
Code spirit clings

Yshani @yperinpanayagam
A common cause
Common mating things
Cause things other

Dan Harding @ModernMusicDan
Machine other object
Other object loves
Object loves you

White Heath @whiteheathmusic
Mating in response
In insect quick
Response to living

White Heath @whiteheathmusic
Translate a program
A coded tonal
Program of meaning

White Heath @whiteheathmusic
Into male moths
Male mean dots
Moths black-mail

White Heath @whiteheathmusic
A machine response
Machine loathes response 
Response like living

Stephen Hall @EdwardFalkener
Translate into codes
Into music make
Codes make music

Elizabeth Davies @ElizabethRD123
A people machine
People one voice
Machine voice sings

Laurence McNaughton @LaurenceRKM
True passion knows
No true end
knows passion ending

Alan Chapman @stravinskyite
Common moths gather
Moths gather for
Gather for mating

Paul Kilbey @paulkilbey
Gather moths mating
As soon as
Mating moths gather

Nick Boston @nickb86uk
A common language,
Common in meaning –
Language meaning together

James Joslin @james_joslin
A common machine
Common by cause
Machine cause unknown

Gary P Randall @Basify
Take two steps
Two steps forward
Steps forward two

Richard McReynolds @Richukus
Gather together purpose
Together search for
Purpose for  life

Christopher Johnson @thelostemperor
Mating is code
Is language common
Code common cause

Rebecca Price
Fit common parts
Music time keep
Sound tempo stable

Lisa Conlan @lgconlan
Of the moths
The moths flying
Moths flying past

NMSW @NMSWproject
Language one to
One chatting and
To and fro

NMSW @NMSWproject
Code one to
One passing secret
To secret contact

Babette May @BabetteMay
In response to
Response to tears
To tears again

Yingtao @Kay_yt
Sing a song
A song of love
Over and over again

Anna Meredith@AnnaHMeredith
People or things
Or things broken
Things broken apart

Samira Van De Walle @samiraspeaks
Released one machine
One never wished
Machine wished nothing

Benedict Salter @benedictsalter
People gather together
Gather together people
Together people gather

Niall Machin @NiallMachin1
Female is game
Is trap set
Game set match

Joanna Lally @jmlally
Translate a code
A new word
Code word solved

Oliver Till @ollietill
Home insert page
Layout references mailings
Review view endnote

Eleanor Knight @EleanorMKnight
One people separate
People together language
Separate language component

Anne Cheng @educatedflea
One common place
common words echo
place echo here

Anne Cheng @educatedflea
Translate into code
Into code words
Code words dream

Anne Cheng @educatedflea
Translate into code
Into dream words
Code words sing

Tony Comley @tonycomley
Gather a cause
A big one
Cause one yearns

impu @timpurove
Gather one cause
One tweets to
Cause to gether

Toby Litt @tobylitt
Gaze out across this fine England!
Out where green grass lies still,
Across green fields like sound waves.
This grass like Albion’s true flags!
Fine lies sound true to fools –
England still waves flags, fools fools.


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