Glastonbury Top Picks

On Friday, we’re heading to Glastonbury Festival to perform Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians and Electric Counterpoint with Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood.

In anticipation of the big day, our players have put together their top picks of acts to see if you’re Somerset-bound this weekend.


I discovered that Zoe Phillips is performing. Given that she studied with me at Surrey University she’s got to be my favourite!
Clive Williamson, piano


Rodrigo y Gabriela!
Shelagh Sutherland, piano

Billy Bragg for the archetypal ‘three chords, a guitar and the truth’ .
Timothy Palmer, percussion


Nitin Sawhney, one of the most astounding collaborators of our time.
Timothy Palmer, percussion


I can recommend James Blake, a beautifully inventive producer/songwriter making sparse and poetic electronic music. Perfect for the end of the festival on Sunday night.
Jonathan Morton, violin

I’d see The Horrors. Someone told me George Benjamin likes them and when I heard them on Later with Jools Holland I could see why. They are all very skilful musicians, their songs are crafted and they use electronic sounds in a creative way.
Tim Lines, clarinet

Massive Attack!
Owen Gunnel, percussion

English National Ballet are performing Akram Khan’s Dust on the Pyramid Stage – not to be missed!
LS staff pick

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