Jon Farey’s London Sinfonietta Academy Diary – Day 3

We’re rattling through our Academy week! Here’s Jon Farey‘s account of Day 3 on the course.

Tickets for the Musicians of Tomorrow final performance this Sunday 13 July 3pm are still available and can be booked here.

Day three on the London Sinfonietta Academy. A couple of strong coffees and a good warm up to start the day and we were into another brass sectional, this time with London Sinfonietta and Philharmonia Orchestra trumpeter, Alistair Mackie. It was great to work through the same music with Alistair and to work on all the different things that he found in the music in contrast to what we worked on with Michael Thompson yesterday, including sound games to get us playing quintuplets and septuplets! It worked a real treat, especially with the Xenakis where we spent considerable time locking in and working on complex unison rhythms. Alistair also mentioned his thoughts on score presentation (see my first entry and Michael Thompson’s picture with the Xenakis score!) and how the different style of presentation should be a factor in how the piece is played.

Having yesterday posted pictures of the surrounding area here at Central St Martins, over lunch I started to have a think about what I could snap today. The inspiration came in the afternoon rehearsal when I was sitting next to Jemima on contrabassoon and Elaine on bass clarinet, with a considerable array of percussion behind me. The amount of colour that the pieces use from the instrumentation is magnificent, and so I decided to give you a snapshot of the colourful instruments used and to then see whether I could find colour in other art forms dotted around the building. After marching up and down several flights of stairs, I eventually came across a series of art studios. Whether what I took photos of was art, the inspiration for it or the remains of it I shall leave you to decide, but here are a few photos of the different art form colours that I found and enjoyed.

Firstly, the ensemble colours used, in rehearsal for Iris by Tansy Davies.

A smattering of percussion:

Bassoon and clarinets on their doubling instruments:

Elaine’s second doubling instrument, the contrabass clarinet!

The brass doubling instruments…:

Secondly, a few pieces of art/remains of found around Central St Martins:

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