Jon Farey’s London Sinfonietta Academy diary – Day 5

The London Sinfonietta Academy is over for another year! We still have a few diary entries left from Jon Farey to reflect upon this week. Here’s his entry from the fifth day on the course.

Day five and things are really starting to take shape. We started the day with Iris by Tansy Davies – it’s amazing how this week has really opened up my ears, we’re reaching a point where we know our own parts and we are listening to each other and bringing the best out in each other. Usually I’m not a huge fan of percussion, having to be right in front of them in orchestras, but there are some really interesting colours used and the classy playing of Joe Richards is really coming out in Iris – it is quite a catchy part! Along the same line of catchy rhythms, Pierre-André impressed today by relating John Woorich’s After the Clock to the tango – in order to make the most cohesive sound he told us to aim for the exact point that his beat goes down, just like tango dancers do.

An early lunch ensued after a good morning’s work: a few of us went to the canteen at Central Saint Martins, a well priced and tasty bean burger in pitta and roast vegetables for myself after a slightly over-indulgent wine, pizza and garlic bread supper last night… It’s been really fun meeting new people on this course, and a few of us decided against braving the miserable weather and stayed in the dry after lunch:

Greg missed his graduation from RWCMD to be with us today, so he mocked up his own Central Saint Martins graduation ceremony! Many congrats Greg!

Fake graduation

This afternoon we worked through OG, neatening a few corners before moving onto Richard Causton’s Untitled 2014. To create a more subdued colour he now has the strings using practice mutes! To compliment this and our brass harmonicas (see day 3), he also has a typewriter being played expertly by Daniel Chappell:

Pre-dress rehearsal dress rehearsal tomorrow (including an hour extra in bed, hooray!), before the concert day on Sunday. This week is flying by!

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