Jon Farey’s London Sinfonietta Academy diary – Day 6

We’ve reached the penultimate day in horn player Jon Farey’s London Sinfonietta Academy diary! Here’s what happened on Day 6…

The penultimate day of the London Sinfonietta Academy! An absolutely glorious morning, I went for a stroll around the perimeter of Central Saint Martins and found my new favourite street name…:

The front of Central Saint Martins, basking in the sun:


Pierre-André kept it short today, just running everything and neatening up a few corners. It’s amazing how well we have got to know the pieces and I’m really looking forward to the concert. If I play the pieces as I did today I would be happy, however having had quite a heavy day of playing yesterday it’ll be great to have fresher lips tomorrow after a lighter day today.

During the lunch hour I went for a little stroll around Kings Cross, this time exploring the half of the station that I hadn’t seen. I really like the way that the warehouse structures have been stylishly re-used:

It’s been amazing to have so much time to work on the pieces, it’s so rare that we have the chance in this profession to learn a piece inside out and I will miss it!

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