Jon Farey’s London Sinfonietta Academy diary – Day 7

Jon Farey reflects on his last day at this year’s London Sinfonietta Academy… We’re going to miss our daily dose of Academy news! A big thank you to Jon for all his work on the blog this week.

Concert day with the London Sinfonietta Academy 2014! It’s been such a week, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in seven days. At 10am, all bleary eyed, we ran the concert programme and made a final few tweaks. We were at a point where we knew the music and it was just a case of bringing out the final few colours that we wanted. Another early lunch, on the walk to finding my concert fuel I passed, once more, the children’s book illustrations that are advertising the House of Illustrations’ Quentin Blake ‘Inside Stories’ exhibition, that details the artist’s illustrations for authors that include Roald Dahl and Michael Rosen. My favourite is this cheeky chappy by Anthony Browne:

After lunch it was concert time. Pierre-André had asked us to keep the focus when moving from piece to piece – since we were playing six very contrasting pieces it was crucial to ensure that we were clinical in focusing and locking in for each piece. After my pre-concert banana and coconut water ritual, I read through my music and clarified to myself my intentions in each piece and before I knew it, it was concert time.

The stage, pre-concert:

On the whole I was really happy with how the concert went – a couple of slips, but nothing that detracted from our musical intention. Pierre-André’s face as we finished the final piece in the programme, Xenakis’ Jalons, was a picture – if I had been able to take a picture it would have told you all that you needed to know. The biggest grin I had seen all week; he looked happy, relieved and satisfied. Needless to say that I share these feelings, it has been an incredible week that couldn’t have gone smoother – we have worked hard and reaped the benefits in playing an incredibly fun and satisfying concert. A huge thank you to all at the London Sinfonietta, including Pierre-André, the principal players, Tina Speed, Shoubhik and the team – thank you all for such an inspiring week and for giving me the chance to write about it in this blog!

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