David’s playlist

On Wednesday 8 October we perform Fausto Romitelli’s video opera An Index of Metals at Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall.

In anticipation of the performance, we asked David Sheppard, one half of sound projection duo Sound Intermedia – to put together a playlist of what he’s currently listening to. Find out more about Sound Intermedia here and book tickets for An Index of Metals here

Sirène – Robert Curgenven

I am totally drawn-in by Robert Curgenven’s work. As a composer and sound artist he creates huge and beautiful spaces with minimal sounds as with this album which is made from unprocessed recordings of pipe organs alongside acetates and dubplates performed on turntables.

In Rainbows – Radiohead

Listening to Radiohead always gives me a creative burst of energy and refreshes my ears. I’ve recently returned to this album and particularly Weird Fishes/Arpeggi. I was fortunate enough to mix this track live with Jonny Greenwood, Thom Yorke and the London Sinfonietta and the rush it brought has always stayed with me.

Hum – Oliver Coates (vocals Chrysanthemum Bear)

Olly Coates – cellist, producer, curator and innovator – is one of my favourite collaborators and this cover of the Adult Jazz song is yet another step in his ongoing musical evolution.

An Index of Metals – Fausto Romitelli

As sound designer and performer for the London Sinfonietta and others, part of the preparation for a performance is learning a work through all the means available and with a piece such as this a recording is invaluable. In this instance we will create live processing that has not been scored and is only represented in previous performances.

Warp Works and Twentieth Century Masters – London Sinfonietta

Another work element to my playlist and another enjoyable one. We performed the Warp/London Sinfonietta show at the Sacrum Profanum Festival in Poland earlier this month, a collaboration formed over ten years ago, and it requires amplification of works that normally are acoustic and so a detailed and realistic balance must be maintained. In particular Ligeti’s Chamber Concerto has such detail and dynamic range that the mix for the audience has to not interfere with the careful balance produced by the ensemble.

Reflektor – Arcade Fire

Great musicians and song-writers having fun…

Virgins -Tim Hecker

Another record that absorbs me. Electronic music that places acoustic instrument recordings, looped and processed inside synth layers and is full of inventiveness.

Musical typewriter – Moreno Veloso

For setting up sound systems we play recordings that provide specific sound references such as  bass content or instrumental examples so we can tune the speakers to the room in advance of working with the live sounds. Sertao, a track from this album is a simple piece for voice, cello/double bass, guitar and piano recorded with great clarity and works as an excellent test for a system. It also relaxes everyone who is around…

Trouble Will Find Me – The National

The National are a band I was introduced to by a friend many years ago and I was immediately hooked on the rich sound of the Dessner brothers’ guitars alongside Matt Berninger’s dark vocals. They have grown into one of the great bands of the time capable of delivering albums you play over and over as well as delivering fantastic live shows.

Trilogie de la Mort – Eliane Radigue

I recently diffused Eliane Radigue’s L’île Resonante and it re-awakened my interest in her work. I’m slowly working my way through her catalogue and have paused on this classic trilogy for a while now.


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