Shabaka Hutchings

Composer and saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings takes on some quickfire questions in the lead up to our Notes to the New Government concert on Saturday 9 May. The song Shabaka has written for the night focuses on political apathy and will be played in the second set at 8pm.

What do you regard as your greatest artistic achievement?

The newly finished second Sons of Kemet album (my band).

What do you fear?


Which piece of music has had the biggest effect on you as a composer?

Thomas Mapfumo’s Shumba.

What’s the most unusual performance you’ve been a part of?

Dean Blunt’s ‘free jazz’ gig in total darkness at Cafe OTO.

What’s currently on your coffee table at home?

What home??? I’m between homes at the moment (but I always travel with a copy of The Chronic published by Chimurenga and Guy Lacour’s Etudes on Messaien Modes).

What was the first recording you ever bought?

D’angelo’s Brown Sugar.

Describe your compositional style in three words.

Intuitive, intuitive, intuitive.

If you could have any other profession, what would it be?

Alexander technique teacher.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

My Mother.

Tell us your best musical joke.

Q – How do you know a singer’s at the door?

A – They’ve forgotten the key and don’t know where to come in.

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