In the lead up to the launch of Steve Reich’s Clapping Music app, we’d like to tell you a story about the journey that got us to this point.

Over the next few days we’ll release ten blogs by project manager Barbara Palczynski, charting the ten months it’s taken to turn ideas into reality. Sign up at to receive notification when the app goes live.

In at the Deep End – September 2014

icon-clappingmusicThere comes a point at which a project must take a bold step from idea to reality. Whether doing the supermarket shopping or reading the complete works of Dickens; there has to be a beginning. In our case, making the transition from a complex and lengthy Nesta funding application to rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. Translating a brilliant, creative plan into something tangible requires a leap of faith.

And so we are in at the deep end. Nesta have placed their faith in us and we have been charged with the responsibility of building an app to test whether or not we can teach rhythm through a mobile, digital game, using Steve Reich’s seminal work Clapping Music. With our newly gathered team of Touchpress and Queen Mary University of London, two planning meetings and one Nesta Learning Day under our belts, we are firing on all cylinders and raring to go. If we can harness the energy of this early stage to drive ourselves forwards, it will give us all the momentum we need in our race towards the finish line in June 2015.

Barbara Palczynski

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