In the lead up to the launch of Steve Reich’s Clapping Music app, we’d like to tell you the story of our journey to this point.

Over the next few days we’re releasing ten blogs by project manager Barbara Palczynski, charting the ten months it’s taken to turn ideas into reality.

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Nesta: A Firm but Fair Headteacher – February 2015

With all the feedback from the testing, and the advice about marketing, the Touchpress team is working its magic to get us from Prototype to Alpha, and all is quiet on the western front. This gives me some time to think about our next milestone. As a proud recipient of a Nesta Digital R&D grant, we must adhere to their strict rules. Nesta are like a firm but fair headteacher. They enforce these milestones to help you deliver your project on time. Without them, it’s easy to see how projects can spiral in different directions. Our team is working really well together so collecting the evidence for the milestones is straightforward, and the extra groundwork that we put in earlier in the process, to establish realistic goals for each milestone, was well worth the effort. IMG_3317 At around the same time, we all attend another Nesta Learning Day, where we meet lots of other projects and hear about successes and failures. Nesta like projects to make friends and Rohan Gunatillake @rohan_21awake, our wonderful Learning Manager, has devised lots of activities involving post-it notes, multi-coloured sharpies and little love heart stickers, because it’s nearly Valentine’’s Day and we can feel the love. It feels like a fun away-day, then on the central line on my way home I get to wondering how to convince arts organisations of the value of R&D. That’’s when I realize I am an arts R&D convert!

Barbara Palczynski

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