In the lead up to the launch of Steve Reich’s Clapping Music app, we’d like to tell you the story of our journey to this point; we’re releasing ten blogs by project manager Barbara Palczynski, charting the ten months it’s taken to turn ideas into reality.

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Be a #ClappingMusicApp volunteer and win £50! – March 2015app

Research on this project is absolutely integral to the core purpose of our work. It drives the creativity because it poses the two crucial questions: can we teach rhythm through a mobile, digital app? And can this lead to a wider engagement with an artform?

Our Queen Mary University of London partners are constantly working with our Touchpress team to ensure that we are building the right data collection analytics into the app. This is a complicated process and not only does it need to be integrated, it also needs to be tested. So as a team we are all playing the Alpha game to test for functionality as well as creating lots of lovely data, so our researchers can check that we are using the right platform to capture the right information for their study.

Everyone who plays the game will have a unique user ID through which we can track in-app behaviour. This enables us to analyse whether their rhythm is improving, whether they are clicking through to other parts of the app where they can learn more about the composer and whether they are clicking through to iTunes to download music by the composer. It’s all really valuable information.

But there’’s more! Our researchers are recruiting volunteers of all ages and abilities to play the game over a six week period and then complete three 20 minute questionnaires from July to August 2015. You can enter into a draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher if all three questionnaires are completed and submitted. If you would like to be involved, please e-mail the Queen Mary University of London team at

Barbara Palczynski

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