On Sunday 3 April we’ll perform a mix of music by composers hand-picked for their daring, originality and experimental approach, including a brand new piece by George Lewis. He’s written Tales of the Traveler, an improvisational work for guitar and ensemble performed by the inimitable Fred Frith.

Want to know what “one of the most innovative guitarists of this or any age” is listening to right now? Well that’s lucky, because we asked him:

1. Jack O’ the Clock Salt Moon

2. Janet Feder You as Part of a Whole
Listen to her music here:


3. Phillip Greenlief Lines Combined
Listen to his music here:

Untitled-1 copy

4. Matthew Edwards and The Unfortunates Song of Songs
Listen to their music here:


5. Hilda Paredes Páramo de voces

6. Fred Frith Trio Another Day in F***ing Paradise
Fred is currently producing a CD, which means he’s spending an inordinate amount of time listening to this particular upcoming track. You can find out more about the trio’s plans on his website

7. Babazula Kucuk Kurbaga

8. Chuck Johnson Crows in the Basilica

9. Robert Ashley In Memoriam Crazy Horse

10. Marissa Deitz Wall Present Tense
Listen to her music over on Soundcloud:

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