On Sunday 3 April genres collide, when pioneering curator Ilan Volkov takes the helm of our London Sinfonietta Mix. Ilan – known for his unique approach to programming and sheer passion for new music – talks us through his handpicked bill, describing who he’s chosen and why:

georgelewis6b EmilyPeragine credit V2 crop

George Lewis

It’s a real pleasure to work with the London Sinfonietta again, this time at the wonderful Coronet Theatre. I have chosen some of my favourite artists for this special project – both composers and improvisers. I have worked with many of these artists over the last few years and we continue to develop our collaborations.

George Lewis is one heck of a guy – a free jazz legend who played with all the main cats in his early teens and was an early pioneer of electronic and interactive music. His new work for guitarist Fred Frith will put the improviser against a conducted classical ensemble.

Photo by Dr. J Caldwell

Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay is better known as a visual artist but has been playing  turntables since the 80s with much of his artistic output combining  music and video or sculpture. We have collaborated before at the BBC Proms in 2012 and I am excited about this new work, which combines Christian playing turntables and the ensemble playing loops transcribed from his LP Groove.

Cassandra Miller and Martin Smolka’s work is full of witand precision. Both use minimal music techniques but arrive at very different and powerful conclusions. We perform two moving and beautiful pieces that are rarely played in the UK.


Martin Smolka

CMiller2013_IEC launch_photo credit Nicolas Hyatt

Cassandra Miller

Romitelli credit Marco Delogu

Fausto Romitelli

We finish with the cult figure Fausto Romitelli and his well-known ensemble work Professor Bad Trip, which juxtaposes rock-like rhythms and sound with spectral harmonies and detail. Sometimes reminiscent of Progressive Rock and Gérard Grisey, his music is definitely a highlight of the late 20th century.

It felt only natural to have a group of improvisers that explore their instruments and acoustics within this Mix: Common Objects. This collective includes John Butcher, Rhodri Davies, Lee Patterson, Lina Lapelyte, Angharad Davies and Pat Thomas.


Common Objects

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